This blog is intended for leaders and providers in the behavioral health, and specifically, the addiction treatment industry. My first experience with the substance use disorder industry came while I was an assistant United States attorney for the Southern District of New York and was involved in the investigation and prosecution of substance use treatment providers who were engaged in fraud, false claims and kickbacks. Now a partner at Quarles, I provide clients with practical advice on fraud related statues and issues, regulatory and compliance issues and regularly conduct risk analyses. Also, I defend clients facing government investigations, enforcement actions or other litigation threats. Through my experiences, I have dealt with individuals battling addiction, treatment providers, clinic owners, various government agency employees, housing providers and industry experts, and the simple truth is that providing good quality addiction treatment is far from simple. Providers must navigate a labyrinth of issues ranging from challenging patients to complex local and federal regulations. I hope this blog plays a part in helping you navigate these challenges by keeping you informed of laws, enforcement actions and industry perspectives.